Ingredients For Sourdough Bread 260 grams of vigorous sourdough starter @ 100% hydration 550 grams of water 20 grams of sea salt 900 grams Mungoswells flour (strong or plain white bread flour, don’t use wholemeal flour for this recipe) Method Mix together: 1. Mix together the sourdough starter @ 100% hydration; the water and seas […]

When you think of Italy you most likely think of pasta, maybe your mind jumps to pizza? For us, you can’t get much more Italian than homemade pasta. Pasta making doesn’t need to be scary or complicated, in fact like most Italian food the joy of good pasta comes from the simplicity and great ingredients. […]

Beetroot Mousse appeals to me on a number of levels, it is visually stunning, it is really tasty, it is full of local and seasonal ingredients and you can make it really easily! You can dress this recipe up and serve it with a whole host of things, but I think that spreading the mousse […]

The Mart Farmshop Sunday Market In January of 2019 we relaunched the Mart Farmshop Weekly Sunday market. Since that time the market has grown in size dramatically. We now have on average 1300 people attend the market each week. With a minimum of 25 stall holders each week as well. The small size of the […]

Why do eco-friendly cleaning products matter, and which brand is right for you? What does clean mean to you? Maybe the word conjures up images of a sparklingkitchen counter or a diet that only includes fruit, vegetables, and wholesome grains.Maybe it means kicking bad habits. For us, clean means green. Living sustainably canbe hard, but […]

What do our different signs in the shop mean when it comes to fruit & Vegetables? It hasbeen super evident over the last few years that consumers have become a lot moreinterested in where their food comes from, what processes are involved in getting it to ourplates and what has been sprayed on them. With […]

Kombucha has become the must have drink over the last few years, but what actually is it? Does it taste gross? And is it actually all that good for you?