Sunday Markets

The Mart Farmshop Sunday Market

In January of 2019 we relaunched the Mart Farmshop Weekly Sunday market. Since that time the market has grown in size dramatically. We now have on average 1300 people attend the market each week. With a minimum of 25 stall holders each week as well.

The small size of the Market Ground and the popularity has taken us to the point where we need to expand our offering and frequency of the market. From July, this year we have started running a twice monthly Car Boot sale on a Saturday. These will be run by Sharon who is joining our ever-expanding team. Not only will Sharon be managing our Saturday Markets but she’ll also take on the responsibility of managing other events throughout the year. As the business grows we want to have weekly events that showcase a variety of local talents and artisan producers so keep your eyes peeled for updates from her over the coming months. We are already talking about having a craft specific market, and we are also going to have a wool market come autumn. But if you’ve got any ideas, we’d love to hear them! 

What is going to happen to our Weekly Sunday Market? Well due to the popularity we’ve also hired a market manager for our Weekly Sunday Market as well. David Napier is joining us to manage those markets and push them to the next level. It is hoped that we will have on average 40 stall holders every week as the market continues to grow in size and reputation, we want to have food trucks as well as more local producers of food and generally yummy things. David is a regular stall holder at the market each week so you may already know him, if not you are going to be seeing and hearing about him in the coming weeks and months.

Now comes the important part, we’d love to hear your feedback about the markets, what you would like to see improved and what you already think is great. Now that we have dedicated team members focusing on making the markets at The Mart Farm shop great we can really get to work on improving them week by week. So, we’d love to know if you have any producers or sellers that you’d like to see at the market? If there are any specialty markets you’d like to see once or twice a year? If there is anything you’d like seen removed from the garden? If we need to improve the facilities in any way? We are focused on being a business for the community and as such your feedback is super important for us. We are still learning through this process and we can’t improve without your help.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, like I’ve said above if you have any feedback you’d like to provide please let us know in the comment section below.