Eco-friendly guide to a clean & green home

Why do eco-friendly cleaning products matter, and which brand is right for you?

What does clean mean to you? Maybe the word conjures up images of a sparkling
kitchen counter or a diet that only includes fruit, vegetables, and wholesome grains.
Maybe it means kicking bad habits. For us, clean means green. Living sustainably can
be hard, but an easy starting point is switching to eco-friendly or ‘green’ home

There are many benefits to taking the green route when it comes to cleaning your
home. For starters, eco-friendly cleaners are better for you and your family’s health.
Conventional products contain dangerous chemicals that you can breathe in or
absorb through your skin. The side-effects can be instantaneous, like unexplained
headaches or sneezing, or they can cause chronic, long-term problems, including
cancer. Secondly, naturally-sourced products don’t pollute our waterways.
Disinfectants and similar powerful ingredients don’t break down and ultimately
threaten water quality, fish, and other wildlife.

In an ideal world, every person would prepare their own household detergents
using vinegar and baking soda. The truth is, most of us don’t have the time – or the
inclination. Cleaning is hard enough as it is. To make things easier, The Mart Farm
Shop stocks a range of sustainable cleaning products you can rely on. We’ve done all
the research for you and have chosen to stock these trustworthy brands: BioD,
Ecover, and Ecoleaf. All three companies are vegan and cruelty-free, and fully
recyclable. The contents are natural and plant-based where possible, and they are
committed to only using renewable sources.


Our first brand, Bio-D, is a family-owned British company – a good start, in our
books. What sets Bio-D apart is that all their solutions are 100% hypoallergenic. We
love how few ingredients they contain: you really know what you’re getting into!


The second brand we are proud to offer is Ecoleaf. Like Bio-D, they are based in
the UK. This reduces their carbon footprint significantly. Ecoleaf offers many of their
products in bulk, which means shops like ours can add them to our growing refillery.


Finally, we stock one of the biggest names in the eco-friendly industry: Ecover.
While they are an international company, we’re big fans of how they’re getting the
message across the globe. Ecover is a huge player in the refill game, working with
refill stations internationally to reduce single-use plastic.

Whichever label you choose as your household detergent, you’re making the
ethical choice. If we all make these small changes together, we’ll be well on our way
to safeguarding our planet’s future.

Links to our Eco Brands:

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