Fruit & Vegetables

We stock a wide range of vegetables in our shop. We try and stock as seasonally as possible meaning most of our vegetables are cheaper than Tesco. You might not get strawberries in January but they'll be cheap as anything come June & July. We love to stock organic vegetables and wherever possible we do. We stock a large amount of fruit & vegetables from Colstoun House, who aren't certified as organic but produce extremely natural fruit and vegetables without artificial supplements, pesticides or herbicides. Fruit & Vegetables are clearly labeled when they are organic, local, sourced internationally or non-organic. If you'd like any more information on our products or if you'd like to clarify the origins of a product or its organic status please send us an email or phone us.

Local delivery within 5 miles is included within the price of vegetable boxes but you are also more than welcome to 'click & collect'