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Seasonal Vegetable Box (Various Sizes)

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Local Customers (within 10 miles of East Linton) can use the code LOCAL at the check out to get free delivery. Free local delivery is done every Monday.

We love vegetables. The best value way for you to buy vegetables from us is by purchasing our veg box. When you purchase a box for the week you'll save money compared with buying daily in-store (approximately 20%) or in the supermarket. Our Seasonal Vegetable Box has enough vegetables to feed 1 up to 5 people a week. We have three different size options, small (1-2 people), medium (2-3 people) and large (3-5 people) available.

We give you enough vegetables to last one week depending on how many people you are trying to feed! The box is divided between 2-3 staples (potatoes, onions, parsnips, carrots) and 3 or 5 seasonal items (you may get extra in summer depending on the amount we are producing in the garden). The veg box is a seasonal product and will change week to week. You'll get a variety of root vegetables, leafy greens and seasonally dependent varieties throughout the year.

We don't wrap any of our vegetables in plastic and we try to source as locally and seasonally wherever possible meaning you will get a really good price compared with shopping in the supermarket, and you'll be supporting local businesses and families by buying local products.

We always try to give you as much variety from week to week... we try to keep things interesting and fun. If you are super picky about your vegetables we can inform you week to week what is seasonal and you can choose to have more of another a product or less of another (for a small charge), but at the end of the day the best value and most fun way to enjoy our vegetables is by letting us do the choosing.

Example Small Winter Seasonal Box:

1.350KG Potatoes (5), 515G Brown Onions (4), 800G Carrots (3 Large), 635G Brocolli (1 Very Large Head), 1.101KG Parsnips (4), 805G Cabbage (1), 455G Leeks (3), Turnip (1 Large)

A Medium box contains the same variety of produce but in greater quantity and the large box will contain the same variety if not 1 or 2 more varities all in a large quantity again.