Lanark Blue Cut Cheese Per 100g


Lanark Blue Cheese Cut In Store Approx 100g

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Lanark Blue Cheese – Cut in Store.  Net Minimum Weight per portion is 100g.  For larger quantities please select in multiples of 100g.

Scottish blue is made by hand by Selina and the team at HJ Herrington Cheese with vegetarian rennet, and unpasteurised ewes’ milk from their own farm.

The cheese This s are dipped in brine twice but never pressed, and after about a month they are wrapped in foil to inhibit further growth of surface mould. They are then further matured two more months and turned three times a week until ready. 

Lanark Blue is almost like a Scottish take on Roquefort; what with its clean tangy sweet sheep’s milk flavour and spicy blue aftertaste, though perhaps not as strong it is a lovely cheese which possesses a similar crumbly sharp texture.